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ted stanley

The frog-eye sprite was my first car, bought in 1965 for £50  and kept going with the help of more knowledgeable friends for 5 years.


The MGA was owned from 1999 until 2016 and underwent several upgrades to make it more suitable for modern motoring. ( see article in LAC News:  edition 1: January 2018)

The Ferrari 360 spider we owned for 4 years from 2008 - 2012 and enjoyed many Ferrari club events and tours.

The 1953 bentley R type was purchased as a wreck from an actress in Texas and carefully restored over two years with the help of many ex rolls royce craftsman, including one who worked on the original car as an apprentice.  We enjoyed two years of motoring before parting with it in 2016

The 1964 Ferrari 250GT short wheel base California, a replica based on BMW 2.8 l engine and running gear, is due for completion in early 2018. I would have liked an original but didn't have the $29m to hand. Many of the parts were hand made by local Lincolnshire craftsman. A build report and pics will be published in LAC news shortly



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